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The cork harvesting process

Parramon Exportap carefully monitors each of the stages of the cork harvesting process in order to guarantee that the raw material obtained is of the highest quality.

The cork is harvested from the cork oak in a way that is 100% environmentally friendly. Cork harvesting is a sustainable activity that makes it possible to produce top quality products while also caring for the environment. The process involves removing the bark without the need for felling the tree.

Harvesting also contributes towards the conservation of the Mediterranean area’s cork oak forests, protecting them from desertification, fires and other environmental threats that could lead to their disappearance.

The cork is harvested in summer, mainly in July, when it can be removed from the tree without damaging it.

The first harvest is taken from each tree when it is around 25 years old, through a completely harmless process. Subsequently, trees may be debarked every 9-11 years, allowing the cork oaks to reach ages of around 250-300 years old.

The stoppers that Parramon Exportap produces for wines and distillates are made using cork from the third debarking, which is the highest quality batch.


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Forest Stewardship Council® Spain (FSC®-ES)

The Forest Stewardship Council® was founded in California in 1990. A group of timber users and traders, together with representatives from environmental and human rights organisations, identified the need for a system of credibly identifying well-managed forests as the sources of responsibly produced wood products.

In 1998, the WWF took on the task of spearheading the FSC®’s initial development in Spain. One of its objectives was to issue certificates for forest management and the chain of custody. In 2004, FSC® Spain issued its first regulations, which were approved by FSC® International in 2006. Since then, the FSC® has secured the involvement of representatives from all the stakeholders, making it one of the benchmark social and environmental certification systems for forest owners, the sector’s leading companies, governments and the public.

Parramon Exportap has been awarded FSC® certificates that reflect its commitment to the environment and assure that the products it sells comply with the strict FSC® standards from the forest to the point of sale.

Quality assurance, the environment and the FSC®.