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Stoppers for liqueurs, oils and other products

At Parramon Exportap we are not just manufacturers of stoppers, we are also artisans of our trade, which is why we are able to offer our customers every possible size and shape of stopper, as well as a full range of different qualities of cork. For the stopper heads, we work with all types of shapes and materials.

These natural cork stoppers are punched, chamfered, sorted, washed, coated, treated and packaged. They are designed for liqueurs, fortified wines, vinegars, ports, oils and brandies, among other products, and are made of planks of 100% Spanish natural cork.

For the heads, we use different materials such as wood, glass, porcelain and plastic, with total versatility.

First and second grade stoppers with transparent glass heads
Natural miroir grade stopper with miroir cap and gold-coloured bronze head
Microgranulate (Microtech) stopper with gold-coloured ABS plastic head
First and second fleur miroir grade stopper with beech colour wooden head