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Corks for bottles

Parramon Exportap specialises in manufacturing natural and microgranulate cork stoppers and special stoppers for products including liqueurs, distillates, oils and essences.

The technical specifications of our stoppers rigorously comply with international manufacturing standards to perfectly fit standard CETIE bottle necks.

Our natural cork stoppers are shaped, chamfered, sorted, washed, coated, treated and packaged. They are designed for still wines and are made of planks of 100% Spanish natural cork.

Our varieties of natural cork wine stoppers include colmated natural cork and stoppers with special measurements for bottles of different shapes and sizes such as Magnums, Jeroboams, Methuselahs, Balthazars and Salmanazars.

For wines with a certain level of product turnover, Parramon Exportap offers Microtech granulated cork stoppers, which guarantee a perfect closure and possess the following qualities:

They are recyclable, biodegradable and produced from natural raw material.
They offer good elasticity and compression/expansion, which means a tight closure.
They offer perfect airtightness for liquids and gas.
They offer very competitive value for money.

Parramon Exportap produces a wide range of special stoppers with heads for products including liqueurs, oils and vinegars, with heads of all shapes and materials, including wood, glass, porcelain and plastic, with total versatility.

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