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Quality assurance and Environment.

Parramon Exportap, S. L. is a family business dedicated to manufacturing and finishing natural cork stoppers for still wines, distillates, oils and vinegars, and to producing microgranulate cork.

Parramon Exportap, S. L. believes that quality is a key factor in attaining customer satisfaction, which is why we always work under the premise of on-going improvements, encouraging all our members of staff to contribute ideas for preventing problems and introducing improvements, thus involving almost the entire workforce in the quality control process.

The company’s management believes it is essential to have a management policy that is committed to guaranteeing that:

- The stoppers produced meet the requirements defined by customers.

- All possible measures are taken to prevent imperfections.

- All cases of non-compliance are analysed and corrective and preventive measures are put in place.

- The work processes are as environmentally friendly as possible and that contamination resulting from any aspect of our business is prevented. In this respect we constantly update our machinery with the cleanest and most innovative resources available to us to attain continuous improvements.

- Workers are offered the training they need to develop multiple skill sets.

- The work processes adhere to the indications of the Occupational Health and Safety Representative to achieve the highest levels of safety for employees.

- Training programmes in quality, the environment and personal safety are encouraged at all levels of the company.

- The applicable legal regulations and requirements and any other requirements to which Parramon Exportap may adhere are complied with.

- It never participates in the illegal harvesting, felling or trading of cork, wood or other forestry products.

- It never participates in the violation of human or traditional rights as part of its forestry operations.

- High Conservation Value areas are never destroyed during its forestry operations.

- It never participates in the significant conversion of forests into plantations or other areas for non-forestry use.

- It never participates in introducing genetically modified organisms as part of its forestry operations.

- It never violates any of the main conventions of the International Labour Organisation as defined in the 1998 Declaration on Fundamental Principles and Rights at Work.

Parramon Exportap is therefore committed to protecting the environment and complying with the relevant legislation. It is very important to us that our cork suppliers have FSC (Forest Stewardship Council) certification in order to ensure that our raw materials are certified, and we therefore bear this aspect in mind when selecting the source of our cork.

Parramon Exportap offers its customers FSC batches made with material from its FSC cork suppliers, thus guaranteeing a perfect chain of custody.

All of Parramon Exportap’s employees are involved in complying with these principles so that, when our stoppers reach our customers, they are the fruit of a collective effort that rewards us with the trust and loyalty of our customers.

Note: At our offices we can provide a copy of our integrated quality and environmental management handbook in case of any queries.