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Family tradition

  • The founding of Parramon Hermanos, C. B.
    In 1956, Francesc Parramon (the grandfather of the current manager) founded the company Parramon Hermanos, C. B. together with his sons Joan and Tirso.
  • Joan and Tirso Parramon
    In 1973, Joan and Tirso Parramon began exporting the company’s products. Switzerland and France are the main destinations of the stoppers produced by Parramon Hermanos, C. B.
  • Third generation
    Francesc Parramon, the grandson of Francesc and the son of Joan Parramon, has been the company’s director since 1992. With his arrival, the name of Parramon Hermanos, C. B. was changed to the current name of Parramon Exportap, S. L. Francesc works together with his wife, Estrella Bravo, who is in charge of product quality.
  • Fourth generation
    At Parramon Exportap, everyone is involved in the family business. Joan Parramon, Francesc’s father, passes all the knowledge he has acquired over 50 years in the business on to his granddaughters.
  • Francesc Parramon
    The company’s current director, Francesc Parramon, has increased the company’s sales volume ten-fold, although he still finds time to have breakfast with his employees every morning at the company’s facilities in Cassà.