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  • A family-run company with a "devotion for the authentic" through every cork stopper produced
  • Implementing the latest technologies in the production processes of our cork stoppers
  • Parramon Exportap is a leading brand present in the best wineries across the world
  • Our methods of cork extraction are traditional and respectful towards the environment
  • Packing in double foil bags of aluminium polyethylene. 100% air tight and full protection
  • Implementing the latest technologies in the production process of our cork stoppers
  • Parramon Exportap has over 800 clients all over the world
  • Systematic sensory controls and organo-chlorinated tests are carried and are available to our customers
  • We apply the most advanced technology throughout the manufacturing process of our corks
  • Parramon Exportapis a leading brand present in the best wineries in the world
  • We take care of all the paperwork so your order arrives without a glitch

Parramon Exportap represent the best values behind the tradition, prestige and quality of a natural cork stopper. Their self-commitment has no parallel, simply because their customers are the best wineries.

Lluís Tolosa, Expert in Wine Tourism


Natural cork stoppers

Our natural cork stoppers are shaped, chamfered, sorted, washed, coated, treated, marked and packaged. They are designed for still wines and are made of planks of 100% Spanish natural cork. The time during which the cork is seasoned is controlled using a FIFO warehouse control system. The report which is produced for each shipment includes the following parameters: humidity, diameter, length, ovalisation, density and extraction and insertion force. The following samples are taken for this analysis: for shipments of 0 to 5,000 stoppers, a test sample of 5 stoppers; for 5,000 to 50,000 stoppers, a test sample of 10 stoppers; for 50,000 to 200,000 stoppers, a test sample of 25 stoppers; and for 200,000 to 400,000, a test sample of 50 stoppers. The microbiological characteristics, maximum powder content and capillarity are tested in batches by sending samples to an external laboratory in a sterile clinical analysis container. This report is available for any customers who wish to read it. We offer a wide range of stoppers in special sizes for bottles of still wine. Our varieties of natural cork wine stoppers include colmated natural cork stoppers and stoppers with special measurements.   Quality policy

Microtech granulate cork stoppers

PE MICROTECH cork stoppers are the result of innovation and technological advances in the manufacture of technical stoppers. This product is made of 100% microgranulate cork taken from our natural cork stopper manufacturing process. Both the density and the granulometry are checked to ensure perfect suitability. Parramon Exportap offers these type of technical stopper for wines with a certain level of product turnover, guaranteeing a perfect closure and providing the following qualities: They are recyclable, biodegradable and produced from natural raw material. They also offer good elasticity and compression/expansion, which means a tight closure. Equally important they offer perfect airtightness for liquids and gas. At last, they offer very competitive value for money.

Stoppers for liqueurs, oils and other products

At Parramon Exportap we are not just manufacturers of stoppers, we are also artisans of our trade, which is why we are able to offer our customers every possible size and shape of stopper, as well as a full range of different qualities of cork. For the stopper heads, we work with all types of shapes and materials. These natural cork stoppers are punched, chamfered, sorted, washed, coated, treated and packaged. They are designed for liqueurs, fortified wines, vinegars, ports, oils and brandies, among other products, and are made of planks of 100% Spanish natural cork. For the heads, we use different materials such as wood, glass, porcelain and plastic, with total versatility.


Door-to-door orders

National and international orders are delivered in person to the address given by the customer. Parramon Exportap takes charge of the entire delivery process as well as the administrative procedures and customs processes, thus offering its customers the maximum convenience and peace of mind.            

International Insurance Cover

All of Parramon Exportap’s services, including transport and door-to-door delivery, are covered by international insurance. This means that all of our services come with the added values of efficiency and peace of mind.

By Plane

Parramon Exportap transports its national and international orders by plane, sea and land. This allows us to guarantee the speediest, most effective delivery and to ensure that our products are transported in the best atmospheric conditions. High-value orders and small orders to long-haul destinations are sent by air freight. Large orders to long-haul destinations are shipped by sea. Deliveries to European destinations are sent by land.